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Having worked with over a hundred factories in the  business for more than twenty years, SPEC is recognized more as a business partner than just a reliable contractor for setting up new factories in Thailand. We have served multinational clients from the USA, Europe and Asia in building up their manufacturing bases, in particular with rented factory facilities from FRASERS, TICON, TFD, CHEWATHAI, WHA, and etc.

Our Service

Our services, for factory renovation contractor / electrical contractor / industrial contractor, include electrical system (High voltage, Low voltage, networking, etc.); mechanical system (Air conditioning, Compressed air, Processed water, etc.); and modification works (Flooring work, partitioning and ceiling work, utility building work, etc).

With our expertise and reputation in this business field, we look forward to working with you on your new factory setup in Thailand.

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Hale's Blue Boy
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You can contact us via various way.
Siam Pantech Engineering Co., Ltd. (SPEC)
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Fax. (662) 286-1052
Email: info@siampantech.com

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